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Who is cheaper to raise? Boys or Girls?

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 12.37.07 AMOf the many things people say to me upon learning of our larger family status. They often comment how lucky we are to have 4 boys because “boys are cheaper”.

I’m no expert on the cost of everything in the whole entire world but if boys ARE cheaper,  girls must be REALLY frigging expensive.

Mr 8 and I went to Rebel tonight to buy his third pair of rugby shoes in 18 months. The sales dude greeted me with “Hello again, why are you back so soon?” I didn’t think I was a regular enough customer to warrant such friendliness but then I realized he was making reference to the $600 worth of shoes we bought there 6 weeks ago. He must be on commission.

He asked Mr 8 to take his shoes off so we could check the size. I noticed the very fancy and expensive sneakers he was wearing were the exact ones we had bought there 6 weeks ago and they’re completely ruined. Yep, boys are cheaper. 

After purchasing the $60 rugby shoes and $70 body armor (because you can’t go the cheap versions anymore as they are playing real rugby, boys needs to be protected in quality gear) I mentally committed to replace the shoelaces on the sneakers and to Google “How to maximize the lifecycle of a sneaker when you have an active 8 year old.”

Between school shoes, sport sneakers, basketball shoes and rugby shoes our 2014 shoe bill has just hit close to $950 and that’s without the uniforms. Yep, boys are cheaper.


Then let’s move to sports and activities.  Whilst often attracting a weekly cost, girls activities can often be a drop and pick up scenario (ballet/dance/drama/music) or a 1 hour game of netball where your desire to get out of the over packed carpark outweighs the need to hang around and chat. However most boys sports or activities involve packing the picnic chairs, sitting around for hours on end watching rugby, soccer or cricket. All the while you’re dishing out money for the canteen for younger siblings who simply cannot live another second without a bag of red frogs, wizz fizz or a slushie. You’re generally there for 4+ hours, they may actually starve but because you’ve left a 6am to get to woop woop and used $80 of petrol to get to the middle of no where, you had no time to pack a picnic lunch. I was fleeced of $50 for the rugby canteen last Saturday and that was just in the first hour. That morning rugby BBQ is just too good to resist. But, boys are cheaper.  

I’m about to place my order for the kids winter uniforms. My daughter can usually suffice with one tunic and multiple shirts and given I oversized her in kindergarten, she needs nothing this winter. The boys however all need new pants thanks to wear and tear on the knees. They also need spare pairs of pants because what boy doesn’t put a knee or two through a pair of winter pants at least once per season. No hand me downs here, their shirts are filthy. Spare ties are also needed because boys hate ties and throw them off the moment they get home and lose them. Do we need to mention how much they grow? Boys don’t ever seem to stop growing so it’s likely that you need to buy a size up half way through winter too. Yep, boys are cheaper.    


Was working through the budgets this week and the associated school fees that we’re up for in the coming years. Miss 6’s fees for year 7 are $5,000 less per year than the boy’s school fees. That’s $30,000 more per boy over their 6 years of high school than our daughter but it’s ok because boys are cheaper.


The biggest cost to any household with the exception of a mortgage has got to be food. Even the most healthy, organic, quinoa, fruit loving, vegan girls cannot be a match for growing boys. I challenge any girls to out eat my boys and I’ll then happy agree that boys are cheaper.


Even during the teenage years where girls are dictated to by clothing, make up, beauty regimes and hair products, I am trying hard to fathom how boys will be cheaper because that’s when they do most of their growing. More shoes, more clothes, more sports stuff, sporting injury provisions and food, food, food FOOD! Did I need to mention the ongoing obsession with technology and Playstation, Xbox thingy’s as well?

Given I’m only 9 years into my parental tenure, perhaps The Mum Network community can shed some light on this for me? ARE BOYS REALLY CHEAPER THAN GIRLS?

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