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What’s the latest BUZZ word in your office?

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Back in the 90’s I can remember a Managing Director who coined the phrase  “Point in Case” in every second sentence. He meant “Case in Point” and it was hard not to laugh out loud (not a digital LOL but a real LOL) as he seriously thought he got the phrase correct. To keep work interesting, we played buzzword bingo in his meetings to see how many weird sayings he could stuff up in each meeting. It was many and often. Needless to say his brainless brain wasn’t there for long.


Many of us can remember when the internet was invented. OMG feel old yet? What did we DO without the internet? Can you remember the first time you dialed up your modem and you got that dial up sound?


The online world created a field of experts and all of a sudden there was a new culture of buzzwords that crept into our professional lives. Terminology became confused and we didn’t even know what to call the internet. In business it was described as the interenet ,the web, online, digital, the cloud and at one stage old people just got confused and called it the interweb. Hmmm……many still do.


Once the internet became mainstream, the professional boffins needed a new way to describe the internet so they termed the phrase “Interactive”. Everything was ‘interactive’. A website had to be ‘interactive’, a TV show had to be “interactive’. So much so that even the magazines and newspapers didn’t want to be left behind so they started describing their game card, collector cards and competitions as “interactive”, anything to keep up with the interwebby thing.

Then we came to mobile. I’ll never forget how many years, in marketing at least, it was announced that the beginning of the year that “it was the year of mobile”. Before we knew it mobile didn’t have just a year. It was mainstream and the people telling us that mobile phones were going to have a ‘year’ well and truly missed the boat.

Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed a number of buzzwords creeping their way into business speak to a point where I’m not sure the people delivering the word know what they’re talking about. The buzzword of the year for me is “STRATEGY”.


I swear, everyone I speak to is using it. They pick up the phone and say ‘Hi, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about our strategy. What’s your strategy, mine is to strategise about the upcoming strategy meeting. How about we catch up for a coffee and talk strategy. Strategically speaking what do you think their strategy is?


This is one of MANY buzzwords making the rounds at the moment and every industry is different. Just asked the Big Guy what the buzzword in his office is and he said “Omni-Channel” which sounds a little like  “Multi-Channel” and isn’t the same thing.  Confused yet?


Another friend has just said her office buzzwords are functionality and synergies.
The Wall Street Journal created a 2013 Business Buzzwords Generator just incase you need a bit of help to sound important and like you know what you’re talking about. It’s hilarious, give it a go!



 Is anyone else living in a world of buzzwords? Are there any specific buzzwords that are driving you up the wall?


  1. Valentina

    Omni channel and multi channel are actually different things, especially to different people … I think that’s part of the problem when it comes to strategy as well, so many are confused about the true definitions. I’ve been interviewing for digital strategists this week and I can assure you, there are some jokers out there thinking they know what a strategy actually is. It’s an interesting conversation when they try to describe it – or should I say, a rather short interview 🙂

    • Yes but Val you’re one of the smartest brains in the biz who actually knows what they’re talking about and therefore doesn’t need buzzwords or if you’re using them, they make sense. The truth is in the detail so yep very much generalising here – perhaps we need a Digital Dictionary – have you written one? I agree SO many people don’t know what they’re talking about. Someone asked me about “Look Alike Modelling” the other day. I actually Googled it while talking to him and then admitted that I was Googling. No point pretending! What’s the role of your Digital Strategists? In simple terms, for the people who work in marketing who read the blog?

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