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When your kids grow up before you’re ready……..



Earlier this year Mr 9 approached me with one of life’s ‘big’ questions.

Mr 9 “Mum, when I’m older, you’re going to tell me about grown up stuff aren’t you?”

Me “Sure darling, anything. What do you want to know?”

Mr 9 “Oh, you know, like grown up stuff, like how the Easter Bunny isn’t real”.


I froze (I do this whenever one of my kids asks me a question I have no idea how to answer). I then answered with the only way I know how;

“Well darling, you know how it works, if you don’t believe, you don’t receive”


I wasn’t ready. He is the eldest and once he knows, number 2 son who is only 14 months behind him will know too. They’re like twins and there’s not much they don’t share. Then their friends will know and then their sister will know and arghhhhhh………………where will it end?!?!?!?

Keeping their innocence alive has been one of the highlights of my life. Seriously. There is no greater joy than seeing their faces on those mornings. I love the mystery, the intrigue, the excitement and the credit given to a few of the world’s best kept secrets. While I’m at it, I also think that those parents who decide they need to give the biggest pressie or chocolate egg because they don’t want someone else getting the credit are seriously demented selfish shits. It’s not about you people and if you’re secure enough in yourself one day you will work out that you will get all the credit, when it matters. Make their Christmases and Easter memorable and not all about you. #RantOver.


Anyhoo – I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his journey from childhood to whatever that next pre-teen phase is where they begin to yell at you and tell you that you have no idea about anything and cry for no reason and eat more than their bodyweight in food on a daily basis. Saying goodbye to the Easter Bunny would mean shortly saying goodbye to the big guy in the red suit, that fairy that collects teeth and well, I just wasn’t ready.


He’s in Year 4. I found out all that grown up stuff in Year 4. It was an accident. I was reading a Judy Blume book and it was mentioned in the book. Bitch. I was devastated. Mum was more devastated, she’s a Christmas and Easter tragic and truth told, would have had me still believing that Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree was real at 16 years old if she had her way.


Mr 9 asked again tonight. I answered with the same “if you don’t believe, you don’t receive”. He was so grown up that he simply gave me a wink and a nudge as I used the “Call Santa” app on my phone to call Santa and tell him to pass on a message to the Easter Bunny that Mr 3 was being a turd and not listening (don’t judge, whatever works).


He is clearly ready. He knows too much. I hate that. Where did the time go…….

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  1. Oh gosh… I dread the day that this will happen. My husband and I have had very different childhoods (basically his mom decided to go on a religious rampage when he and his siblings were little, so Santa never existed, neither did the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy… yikes!), and therefore have different opinions on the subject.
    I WANT (make that, I NEED) my son to believe in all these things, because I feel that our world is ugly enough as it is – a little bit of magic goes a long way. My husband thinks it’s pointless and we should just be honest. I told him I would divorce him if he did not let our kids believe… he changed his mind 🙂

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