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For all the angels in heaven

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I am lost for words today. So I am just going to say this.


A beautiful little baby girl we know died yesterday in the most tragic circumstances ever. She came to a beautiful family, friends of ours in tough circumstances. They loved her, they raised her, they gave her everything she needed. She was their first and their sixth. They loved her like she was their own. The tiniest baby I have ever seen in my life, I remember holding her when she was only a few days old and thinking how precious life was that something so little could be so perfect. She was a beautiful baby. When the time was right, she joined another loving family in a beautiful story that should have had a fairytale ending. Tragically she’s no longer here.


I can’t stop thinking about her and her little life. Her family and those who cared for her and the pain they must be in tonight.


There are too many little angels in heaven. I think about them a lot.


This Easter, no matter how messy the house is, no matter how much chocolate they eat, no matter how much they cry, whinge or how grumpy they get. Pick up your kids and cuddle them. Love them. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Realise how lucky we are to have our children in our lives.


For all our friends who have angels in heaven, we will never forget them.


Rest in peace little angels.


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