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What’s with the tears?

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 11.13.39 PMTears, Tears and more bloody Tears. ALL THE KIDS ARE CRYING. Is anyone else going through this at the moment? I can’t tell if it’s the weather, food, hormones, the fact that they’re back at school after fabulous holidays or if I’m just a witch……This week, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE KIDS HAS CRIED. A LOT.

–       Mr 9 is a bit like the Big Guy most of the time, strong, steady, comforting and loyal but this week he’s prepared to dob on the first person who touches the loom bands, cry over a sibling ‘bags-ing’ the front seat (In the bloody Tarago – why the feck he wants to be seen in the front seat of a Tarago is beyond me) and he’ll cry because I have suggested that we are eating something that isn’t pizza for dinner.
–       Mr 8 is no different. Today he cried because the kids dobbed on him for eating all the afternoon tea. Cue tears “but I gave them 76 Dorito’s EACH MUM” – yep sure, you counted every.single.chip. Tears over someone kicking a footy the wrong way, tears because 6 burritos with veges, cheese and meat isn’t enough food and because Mum nastily suggests that pyjama’s are needed because the weather is getting colder. Tears over pyjamas? Really?
–       Miss 6 is in tears because she’s the only girl in the family (not sure what I am – the cat’s mother perhaps?) and more tears because we haven’t adopted her a sister yet (this is a classic but common tearful response from her whenever life isn’t going her way). She’s cried because she couldn’t decide what to make for the Year 1 sock puppet project (Bride Puppet or Giraffe – just a HUGE decision) and tears because the nasty coach (mama bear) put her in the position of Goal Defense for netball this week.
–       Mr 3 is in tears whenever anyone says no to him (often). If he opens the fridge and is told the kitchen is closed, cue tears. Tears if the big kids don’t let him watch Play School on demand. Tears if Dad puts him to bed and it’s Mum that he wants. Tears if he’s not happy about the daycare arrangements of his younger sibling “But Mum, I don’t WANT Harry to go to daycare today”. Tears because someone asked him to clean up the mountain of food that managed to miss his mouth and ended up on the floor.
–       Mr 1 cried when he was taken to a foreign place and Mum innocently placed him on the ground. He suspected I was going to leave without him and he became hysterical. HYSTERICAL. If it wasn’t for his all important and familiar Mama friend Mrs C today, I think the meltdown would have limited my attempt to wrap gifts for the mothers day stall to 5 minutes. He’s going through the terrible twos at 18 months old.


They’re all eating well, in fact better than ever before. Lights are out by 7pm for little kids and 8pm for big kids. They’re not over committed to after school activities. I’m hoping it’s the change in the weather but just to be sure, I’m de-worming them too. Am sure it won’t last but FAR OUT. Patience is being tested. Only 16 sleeps till I have a night away with the girls. Not that I’m counting!



Anyone else living with hormonal, tearful little people this week?


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