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Weird, Co-incidental, Sliding Doors Moments

Have you ever had things happen that are simply strange, a co-incidence or just cool because it’s a sliding doors moment?


This occurred to me today when I realized that despite having 5 kids who have anything from 14 months between them to a 2year and 6 month age gap, there are 26 days this year where they will be, 2,4,6,8 and 10 years old. Possibly not weird to anyone else but for those 26 days in the year, I am able to easily recall their ages and do not have to stand like a stunned mullet working it out when I’m asked.


Other weird things in my life that I just find random:
–       My year 4 primary school teacher has a child who goes to my kid’s school. His wife teaches my kids. As it happens, he was 21 when he taught me.
–       One of my dearest friend’s mother is a teacher at my kid’s school. She knew me in my naughty days, I often wonder if she secretly wants to tell my kids the truth about Mum back in the teen years.
–       My youngest brother is closer in age to my eldest son than I am to him. I was 16 when he was born. He was 11 when my eldest son was born.

– My aunty had a baby after her daughter. Nephew is actually older than Aunty.

–       Until baby no 5 came along, all my kids and hubby were born on the 1st, 12th, or 24th of the month. The first three’s birthdays were easy to remember because they were born in consecutive months, Nov, Dec and Jan. No 5 stuffed a bit with the numerical mojo a bit and arrived on the 15th despite me being induced on the 12th to try and keep with family tradition.
–       My sister’s child was born the day before my birthday. My son was born the day after her birthday. They are only 8 months apart in age.
–       My Dad taught my maternal Uncle at high school and gave him the strap!
–       After the Big Guy and I got married, we worked out that my Aunt and Uncle were close friends some of his extended family members, but they all live in New Zealand, a long way from where we are – one of those 6 degrees moments.
–       I was randomly talking to a Mum at rugby one day, her surname is the middle name of all my kids, a family tradition dating back to honour a prominent person in the family. We worked out we’re part of the same clan and distant relatives!
–       When I was 15, I was standing in line for a ride at Disneyland in Los Angeles. I bumped into my next-door neighbor. Neither of us realized we would be in the USA at the same time.
–       I was sitting in my first ‘how to prepare for baby’ class at the hospital when pregnant with baby no 1. I struck up a friendship with one of the Mum’s to be. She invited me to her birthday party, I felt I was in need of some Mummy friends and so I went along. Upon walking in, I was surprised to find a room full of girls I went to primary school with and whose mother’s were my Mum’s besties! We had no idea we knew the same people. We went on to become business partners for the following 10 years.
–       When my Mum was younger in New Zealand, her flatmate went away to have a baby. I don’t think Mum knew about the baby. The baby was adopted out and she returned to flatting with Mum. Years later that baby searched for his birth mother. As it turns out, Mum was talking to his birth mother (her flatmate) after they had made contact and she couldn’t believe it when she worked out he was adopted by my Year 5 teacher who lived in Australia. Our house was knocked down and turned into apartments some years later, that teacher now lives in an apartment where my old house used to be.

POST SCRIPT: My aunt reminded me that Mum was first on the scene when my Dad’s father (my Grandfather) passed away but she didn’t know at the time he was going to be her future father in law. In addition to that, my paterntal Great Grandmother ran the maternity hospital in the town where Mum and Dad were raised. Great Granny actually delivered my Mum and 26 years later, Mum married her Grandson – WEIRD!


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  1. Oh man, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a few things that make other people go “HUH?!”
    – My uncle (Dad’s brother) had a daughter after his daughter already had kids > Auntie is about 15 years younger than Niece.
    – My sister in law is 2 years younger than my Mom (can you say awkward? I don’t know how to interact with her)
    – Her daughter (so now my niece I guess?) is 3 years older than me… her kids (she has 4) are all older than my son. > should be interesting when they all start having kids!
    – My paternal grandparents are first cousins (yes, very interesting family reunions!)
    – My Mom’s ex-husband is my “uncle” (not by blood, but I’ve known him my whole life) and his kids are my brothers and sister although we have no blood relations what so ever… this one always weirds people out hehe

    and the list goes on and on!

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