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A Billionaire and a Multi-Millionaire got into a punch up in Bondi over the weekend and as the click bait came through your Facebook newsfeed faster than a Kim Kardashian’s first wedding pics, we were left wondering “WTF is in those pictures?” BECAUSE NEWS CORP PUT THE BLOODY WATERMARK ALL OVER THE IMAGES AND YOU COULDN’T SEE A THING. Twitter memes popped up within minutes and for all we know it wasn’t a punch up at all, it could have been a game of tip, Duck, Duck Goose or just a cuddle goodbye after a big night.

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 10.30.10 PM

Business is apparently business and no matter how much Lachlan and James are now mates, the Murdoch press apparently paid over $200k for the images and they weren’t going to let the Packer/Murdoch friendship nor that pesky internet steal their big purchase. Bravo…..I guess. We clicked and we still couldn’t see anything so I guess we’ll have to go out and buy the newspaper tomorrow to see the full images? Interesting strategy and I guess that’s how News Corp are ensuring that newspapers DO have a future.


James Packer and David Gyngell have been mates forever. David heads up the Nine Entertainment Group and James is, well he’s James Packer. Casino mogul, multi billionaire and now he can add street fighter to his resume. The lads grew up together. David’s Dad, Bruce was the Best Man at Kerry and Ros Packer’s wedding. Years later, David was Best Man at James and Erica’s wedding. Awww, nice! So what the hell happened for it to get into a nasty fight in full public view in the middle of Bondi? Some are saying it’s over Packer’s marriage break up to the very classy Erica Packer, others are saying it’s over Miranda Kerr. I think David may have taken the Big Mac out of the takeaway bag and James was pissed off because he ordered the Big Mac and there was no way David was going to get away with eating it.


Apart from us media folk who are FASCINATED. Does anyone care?


The only reason I clicked it because it’s so bloody unbelievable that two men with more than a few kids between them and in such responsible professional and public positions would let an argument deteriorate to such a brutal level in broad daylight. It must have been bad and very, very serious. It doesn’t make it ok though. They explained themselves via a joint press release and now we’re all supposed to forget about it. Cool, however, gents, may I remind you that you both have sons. Hopefully you also have current and ex-wives who are chewing your ears off today about what a bad example you have set for your boys and for young boys in general. It’s never ok to throw a punch at a mate or a random stranger in a pub.


The NSW Government have recently introduced laws that are trying to STOP boys, teens and grown men from punching one another. Two men who should know better, behaved in a very unclassy manner over the weekend. I hope they learn from the media attention and learn how to argue like women do instead. Just delete each other from facebook and instagram.

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