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What does a Mother do?

On the eve of Mother’s Day here in Australia, I am one of few who are blessed with an amazing mother and mother in law both of whom I love and admire. I don’t say it enough about my own Mum but she’s awesome, she’s played Mum to me as well as my kids when I was working full time, she filled in and did a great job when I couldn’t be there. She’s taught me everything I know and there are times I wonder if I’ll do as good a job as she did in raising kids who are independent, successful, happy and secure as she did. Sure we have our ups and downs, what family doesn’t but when the going gets tough, my Mum is phenomenal. My Mum raised a family that sticks together like glue when they need each other. I hope I can do the same. Mum taught us that family is everything and when you need each other, be there, always. There are many who aren’t as lucky and for all of you who have lost your mothers and for those special Mama Bears who have lost their beautiful children, we will be thinking of you all on Mother’s Day.


What does a Mother do? 

  • Mother’s love you from the moment you are born. No matter which way you come into your mother’s life, she loves you from the moment she lays eyes on you until the day she or her beautiful child leaves this world.
  • Mother’s spend their every waking moment thinking about you. No matter how young or how old you are, the moment she becomes your “Mum” she will worry about you, love you and you will always be in her heart until the end of her life.
  • Mothers know you better than anyone else. From the moment you are born they can  read you, like a book. Never underestimate how powerful a mother’s instinct is.
  • Mother’s will be first to wake and be there for you to comfort you as a newborn in the middle of the night, when you are hungry, scared or have a sore tummy.
  • Mother’s will spend the rest of their waking life cooking for you and showing her love through food. She may not get it right all the time but all Mums have the best intentions and do their best to feed their children and ensure they’re never hungry.
  • Mother’s eat last, cold food doesn’t bother them and they’ll always eat the burnt toast that is the last piece on the table to ensure you get the good bits of unburnt toast.
  • Mother’s give you your self esteem. They tell you how clever you are no matter your age. They encourage you and help you be your best self. From the moment you take your first steps to the moment you get your learners permit drivers license, a mother will always tell you how clever you are.
  • Mothers are there at night to give you a cuddle, talk about your issues that day, be there on the phone or drive to wherever you are and in whatever state you are in to pick you up. A mother is always there.
  • Mother’s always know that you need more Weet-Bix, Peanut Butter, Vegemite and Milk the night before (or the morning of) to make sure the kids have a good brekkie before pre-school, school and work.
  • Mother’s think about everything before you do. They’re one step ahead of you on clean uniforms, school lunches, packed bags for sport practise and homework. Mum’s have an ability to be one step ahead of everyone in the family.
  • Mother’s love bribery. Early on in your life, Mother’s work out the art of bribery and it never leaves them. From toddlerhood where the threat of a treat at the shop to adulthood and the threat that she may colapse if you don’t visit, never underestimate the true skill of a mother who bribes their children.
  • Mother’s know best. End of story.
  • Mother’s ‘do coffee’, they need it.
  • Mother’s will always put your needs ahead of their own. They will clothe you before they buy clothes for themselves. They will save what they need to so you can have a holiday and they will go without to make their children have wonderful memories to reflect upon.
  • Mother’s have a second occupation as taxi-drivers. It’s polite to say thank you to your driver as they ferry you around your various social activities.
  • Mothers will sit with you for hours to get your spelling, reading, writing and numeracy as correct as possible. They will push you till you think you can do no more until one day you sit in a great job and think “I’m really grateful Mum did that, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.”
  • Mother’s will stick up for you when it’s needed and pull you into line when it’s warranted. The bully on the bus is no match for your mother but the teacher has her support because together they will both work for you to achieve what they know you are capable of.
  • Mother’s work for you to have a better life. If they didn’t have to, they wouldn’t but the hours she spends at work are all for you.
  • Mother’s aren’t perfect. No one ever claimed they are but all of us as Mum’s do our absolute best that we can at the time and that’s all we ask of our kids. Do your best and that will be absolutely fine with us.

Mother’s do this and so much more. For all Mum’s, enjoy tomorrow, you deserve it.

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