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There’s a love triangle going on in my house.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.02.06 pmDo you remember your first love?

Not your real first love, that one would just be weird to write about. I’m talking about the first time you had a mega crush on someone at primary school.

I had a few but no one as special as David Bromley. It was 1988 and I was in year 6 and he had the coolest blondest hair fashioned into the best flat top ever. You could have landed a plane on that hair cut and in my opinion it was just HOT (Gen Y readers, please Google FLAT TOP HAIRCUT for reference). We sat in the back row next to each other,  we did no work, we were good mates. My crush was enormous, sometimes I’d just stare at that flat top hair do wondering if he could get ANY cooler. Unfortunately my love wasn’t reciprocated. I’m pretty sure that he, like every other boy in the grade, was madly in love with Kristy Dawson. The stunning blond whose sporting prowess ensured she was the captain of every single lunch time game and got to choose her team. I was always the second last chosen.Whatever. (!!!)

It wasn’t meant to be but there’s something about that first time school crush that is so perfectly innocent and sweet to look back on.

Move forward 26 years and all those schoolyard memories are coming back to me. Mr 9 has been madly in love with a young lass in his grade since kindergarten. I completely approve. She wins all the academic awards, she’s chosen for all the leadership thingy’s, she’s a great kid, she’s stunning and her Dad is a Doctor (The Big Guy is delighted). His crush has been constant. He’s never waivered. This year when the school dance competition came up he was desperate to ask her to be his partner but scared out of his brains that she may say no. Her parents are great friends of ours so we secretly tee’d up the date and ensured they were both keen to partner with each other before he asked to save any embarrassing moments. She said yes and they danced their socks off getting into both grand finals and then……

THEY CAME FIRST IN THE DANCE COMPETITION! It was meant to be! His crush has simply become stronger since then. He adores her, not in a weird way, in that genuinely cute primary school crush kinda way. He just thinks she’s awesome. Her father and I tentatively made plans to book the wedding venue as we thought booking it now at today’s prices would save us thousands 20 years from now.

It was all going well. They say hi to each other in the playground and occasionally pass each other in the hallways and get involved in the occasional school activity together. That’s about the extent of the primary school crush (and the way I like it).  Until today.

Mr 9’s best friend in the whole entire world whom he has known since he was 3 years old confessed to having a major crush on her too. A love triangle of epic proportions. It doesn’t get much more tragic than this. Mr 9 came home and told me as soon as we had a moment alone. He was crushed. He tried to convince his bestie all day that there were other girls that he could have a crush on, just not “his girlfriend”. This is all very serious stuff. It’s a pity the girlfriend doesn’t even know she’s apparently ‘taken’. You see in year 4, having a ‘girlfriend’ simply means you ‘like’ someone. That girlfriend doesn’t have to know they’re attached.

Later this evening I explained the concept of ‘mates before dates’. Being the loyal little cherub that he is, his anger, disappointment and pissed off demeanour and moping around the house disappeared and he started hatching a plan as to how he is going to steer bestie away from the girlfriend and suggest other ‘girlfriends’ that would be better suited. He’s fairly sure he’s going to be able to set something else up. Problem solved.

Classic stuff.


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