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The cleaner is abusing me again but her story is a sad one.

Have 15 minutes to knock this post our before the cherubs get home and life turns to hectic disorganised chaos.

As many will have seen in my facey post today, I managed to complete all the washing. I posted it because this is a very rare occurrence in my house. The advantage of having two massive washing machines means you become lazy when it comes to washing because one week’s worth can all be done in a matter of hours on a weekend. None of this daily washing rubbish for me.

I was prompted to wash like a demon today because Hannah, my Korean cleaner managed to insult me again yesterday. TO be fair, there were clothes everywhere as I’m in the process of sorting through all the baby clothes to give to my sister in the hope that her no 3 is finally a boy so I have someone to hand the hand me downs to. So it did look like a bit of a dogs breakfast in some bedrooms.

Hannah: “Miss RaRa (LARA), do you hab baby crothes rib-in-ess?”
Me: “WHAT?”
Hannah: “Do you have children rib-in-ess making crothes?”
Me: “Sorry Hannah, I don’t understand what you are saying?”
Hannah: “Are you very very rich because you have rots of baby and children crothes?”
Me: “Oh, do I have a baby and children’s clothes business? Is that what you are asking?”
Hannah: “Yes yes, that’s what I ask because you children have SO many clothes, I think you must be rich because they no need such good quality clothes or maybe you make them and you have a rib-in-ness (business) and you get them cheap from China.  Too many clothes for your children. They no need so many crothes. Only two or three sets needed.”

I then tried to explain that having a plethora of hand me downs from one child going to another (Mr 1 is the 5th child to wear some of the Target jumpers – God bless you Target and the longevity of your clothing), I explained I often forget which child owns what and ending up buying all of them new clothes when they don’t need them is why my children have so many clothes and I then explained that no, we are not rich (but even if we were, I wouldn’t tell her, she’d put the bloody price up again).

We continued talking about how in Korea, she was lucky to have two sets of clothes and how she wants to be rich, all her life all she wanted was to be rich. She then explained:

“One day I decide in Australia that I not making lots of money and I not happy. So I decide to leave Australia and my husband and my children and get a diborce (she meant divorce). I decide I no love my husband anymore.  I get on a plane to Korea to go back to my home to be poor. When I arrive. My Mum tell me I have to go back to Australia because my sister already diborce (divorce) and she no want two daughters to divorce in her family.”

And she did. She got back on a plane, came home and stayed married. She now works with her husband, cleaning other people’s homes where she occasionally thumps him with a mop and yells abuse at him in Korean. She thinks he’s a shit of a husband, she tells me he’s lazy and does nothing and ‘he made me poor”.

Sad really, I mean she’s funny the way she tells stories and how she abuses me in her weird Korean/English kinda way but imagine getting the shits and wanting out of a marriage and your mother telling you that two divorces in the family would be too much to handle.

That was over 10 years ago and she’s still with him. Unhappy and in her words, poor.

Easy to forget how many people just don’t have a choice over the life they lead. Humbling and rather sad.

On a lighter note, the washing is sorted and done and I’m about to have a fight with the kids because they’ll ask what’s for dinner and I’ll tell them it’s roast lamb, can already hear the collective groans as 2 out of 5 whinge that I “hate roast lamb”. Will take much joy in telling them there are children all over the world who would love to sit down to a roast dinner tonight and to be grateful for the food they have on their plates.

Jeez I’m sounding like Mum these days.





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