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SO you have boys? Here’s what you need to invest in…..

As I walked around my house the other day I started mentally making a list of all the things a mother of boys will need to purchase at some stage. When it comes to boys and you have a little bundle of joy in front of you, it’s not till they get a bit older that you realise you’re going to need to make some serious investments in some serious ‘stuff’.

  • A BIG BUCKET OR STORAGE UNIT FOR BALLS: No, not ‘those’ kind of balls, I’m talking cricket balls, rugby balls, basketballs, soccer balls – you name it and they will have every type of ‘ball’ known to mankind and soon enough they’re spread all over your front and back yards with a few taking time out on the roof too.
  • A NEVER ENDING SUPPLY OF HANDBALLS: I can’t count the number of times I’ve popped into Rebel for a birthday present and walked out with the 4 for $10 deal on handballs. Buying the correct handball is a science and if you buy a crap one with the wrong amount of ‘bounce’ you can completely destroy the school lunchtime handball tournament.
  • ELECTRIC BALL PUMP: Following the theme of “balls”, I am honestly going to invest in an electric pump station where the kids can pump up their own basketballs, rugby balls and any other ball they need to pump. Days can be wasted trying to get the right amount of air into the rugby to assist in the perfect pass.
  • HUNDREDS OF SPARE PENCILS AND PENCIL SHARPENERS: Girls (and I am being VERY general here) will tell you when their pencils need replenishing or when their glu stick has run out but I’m not kidding, I’ve walked into the classroom for parent teacher interviews and realised my son is trying to write with something that looks like thisScreen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.26.16 pmand he thinks it’s ‘cool’.
  • HATS/CAPS and DRINK BOTTLES: From the time your child is a toddler, and if you have many children, gathering up the drink bottles is your last priority when trying to get feral kids in the car. It’s the drink bottles that suffer. They’re left at the park, at school, at kindy – wherever really, boys don’t care and so you can never have too many drink bottles.
  • SPORTS BAGS: You don’t want those rotten, smelly footy shoes messing up your 20 year old Country Road Tote do you? Just buy as many sports bags as you have boys and that way you have a permanent place for the smelly gear at the end of each game (and if you know me, don’t buy one, a sports bag from Rebel is what my kids are giving as a b’day pressie for all kids this year).
  • AN EXTRA FRIDGE/FREEZER: Stop kidding yourself, from the age of about 6 boys start eating about twice as much as any other grown adult in the house. They are carnivores and unless you intend to live on the land and eat your own meat, you’re going to need a mighty big fridge and freezer combo to keep them from opening the pantry 10 times a day.
  • LOTS OF GIGABYTES, MEGABYTES AND DOWNLOADY SPECTRUM STUFF: I don’t know how the computer stuff works but I do know that every male in the house knows how to use it better than me. Whether they’re downloading “MODS” for Minecraft, sucking up You Tube minutes or just cruising Instagram to see what their friends are up to, boys are going to use all the data you thought you could never get through (I do suspect this adage goes for all teenagers, not just the boys)
  • HEAVY DUTY WASHING MACHINE OR TWO: This may only occur in my house but the princess of the house only wears dresses so in winter or summer she’s easy to wash for, one dress and a pair of underwear per day. The boys however create a mountain of washing with shorts, pants, socks, tops, singlets, jumpers and whatever other sports training gear they can turn filthy in an hour of sport. PLUS, boys are generally lazy little buggers so if it’s on the floor, they can’t be bothered to hang it up – out to the wash it goes.
  • OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT: Don’t have the space? Move. You have been warned. Boys need space and lots of it. They need to run, jump, kick and bounce and in order to do that, you need equipment. Trampoline – check. Soccer goals – check. Basketball hoop – check. Tackle bag – check. Bikes – check. Roller blades – check. Cricket bat – check This list will never end because as they get older, the equipment becomes more expensive golf clubs, tennis, squash, hiking boots, surfboard, parachute, motorbikes – IT NEVER ENDS!Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.47.50 pm



  1. This is hilarious – my son is almost 1, and we just found out that baby 2 is also a boy… I’ve definitely been thinking about all the crazy boy stuff we will have to get at some point. I think our list will also include guitars (Daddy-o is a fanatic) and surfboards (also Daddy-o’s doing) or any kind of board for that matter…
    oh the things to look forward to 😉

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