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The Final Match Report – The Bernie’s Memes WIN the Netball Grand Final

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.29.45 pmARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Look, no one likes a team who gloats after a win but let’s just say that the 7+ regulars and a few rings ins that we pulled in throughout the season NEVER thought we’d be any good, let alone win the Netball Grand Final. To all the Mama Bears – well done you old chooks (and hot youngster Ms P), muchly deserved!

The final score came in at 36-17 but the conditions were rough, tough and the win did surprise us as the week started with a bit of drama. Mrs S informed us after the semi-final win that she had to pull out because her besties were putting on a dinner in Orange in her honour, she couldn’t be in two places at once and despite us banging on plenty of guilt trips, much ribbing and threats of ending friendships, she knew we had a superstar back up GA and took the punt that we would be just FINE without her. We did actually miss Mrs S and her fierce nature but Mrs W, a regular fill in, lured the other team into a false sense of security that her tiny 5ft frame would be no match for them – ha, how wrong were they, that girl can MOVE!

We started the match not feeling our fingers. Despite being an indoor court, it’s really a shed and it’s effing cold. 7 degrees to be exact. Freezing doesn’t cover it so I made the call to play in my jumper as I tend not to move in the position of GS. Sure I break a sweat but I figure there’s a greater chance of shedding a few kgs in a hotter environment inside my thermals.

Between the 6 players, we had a support crew of 6 hubby’s and partners, 2 Grandparents, 19 kids and that bloody Brazilian soccer horn. We had the crowd on our side. Actually we had the only crowd in the entire complex. The Dad’s were pumped, vocal, loud and intimidating. Not our plan but I do suspect it worked.

The court next to ours was vacant so 15 of the 19 kids decided netball wasn’t to their fancy tonight. They played an EPIC game of indoor soccer instead and missed the entire game which was a good idea in hindsight as they would have frozen otherwise. 3 babies watched and possibly got frostbite and Mrs K’s 9 year old daughter was the only loyal child supporter who wasn’t going to miss the match, thanks Miss K.

About the match itself, well there’s not much to say, the score says it all. We were 4-3 down in the first few minutes and clearly that didn’t suit our defenders Sporty Spice and Mrs H who simply stopped letting the other team touch the ball and so the rest of the team then worked the following 6 minutes to turn the score around to 17-4 in our favour. It was all over after that. Mrs K  in WD and Ms P in WA had their work cut out for them in the middle but calmly ensured that contact was kept to a minimum and they kept their promise to prove that white women can not only jump, but fly. Let’s face it, they’re both so skinny and pretty that they looked like Tinkerbell flying through the air trying to catch each pass.  Mrs W in GA ran faster and harder than I’ve ever seen her run whilst popping in awesome passes to me where I didn’t really have to move much to take shot at goal (the jumper stayed on all game so I really didn’t move much at all). Thank you gals. I should have worn my glasses all season as I only missed two shots all game, complete miracle, fluke and first time ever but good time to pull out the “I can shoot like a pro” intimidation tactics (should have worn my glasses in the HSC, may have helped the final mark).

The Goal Keeper down my end told me we are a very competitive team and rough, I explained that I wasn’t rough as I was too fat to be a rough player. She just replied with a vague “yeah, you’re nice”. Ummmm………did she just say I was fat or nice? Or a nice fat person?

To be honest, tonight was a bit like winning first place at high school for Maths in Space but a win is a WIN! We played in the lowest grade but whatever. We did have the option to play up a grade half way through the season but at that stage I think we really did think we were un-coordinated old chooks and we didn’t have a chance to stay upright for an entire game let alone win one.

Rather than trophy’s, we celebrated with bubbly thanks to the Big Guy and his Dad who both purchase bottles called “Mother of Pearl” and “Mumm” – great minds were thinking alike there! We also walked away with $150 worth of vouchers for the local pub and HELL YEAH we’re going to use them! Well done to the gals, the extra players who filled in and thank you so much to hubby’s and partners for looking after the kids each week and giving the Mum’s a little time out to stay fit and have a bit of overly competitive fun.

Next season starts next week! No rest for the wicked!

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  1. Sally

    I’ve played many netball grand finals with Sarah Kelly & she is an awesome little player! Sweet as pie off the court, but a fierce competitor on the court… Well done!!

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