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What are you buying the kids for Christmas this year?

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.17.21 pmSo Christmas season is officially here – on 12 November I noticed the local fruit and vege shop had mangoes selling by the tray and the Mariah Carey Christmas album was on repeat. It’s all over when Mariah starts singing …………

We’ve put the tree up and in true family tradition I let the kids put a few decorations on and then completed the job at night to ensure everything was placed in accordance with my anal retentive decorating style (oh, c’mon, you know you’ve all done it!)

As with most years, I’ve tried to shop early. This is not because I’m organized, it’s because I’m stupid. Back in the days when we had 2 kids, no school fees and small stomachs to feed, I copied my mother and set the bar for Christmas WAY TOO HIGH. Now I’m trying to undo the big red guy’s generous ways and am attempting to spread the load and brain space required across a few months to avoid nervous breakdown and extreme credit card shock.

The small humans in this house are currently aged 2,4,6,8 and 10 years old. (Yes it’s very easy to remember. No we didn’t plan it that way.) I suspect this may be our last Christmas of innocence for at least a couple of them so I’m trying to keep in the spirit of Christmas alive but far out it gets tough to remain creative on the gift front. Expectations need to be managed. Mr 10 has asked for the Star Wars Lego Deathstar for the third year in a row. Any Lego expert will know that the most basic of Lego can set you back a fancy dinner out. The Deathstar costs the same as a down payment on a new car. Uh huh…….

The problem with Christmas after 10 years and 5 kid is realizing that you have purchased every single toy and piece of crap in Target, Big W and Kmart combined. There is literally nothing else you can justify buying and I absolutely refuse to buy those Monster High dolls which are the only toy I have never purchased. There are only so many Playstation/Wii thingy’s that a family needs, there’s no way the cherubs are getting a better phone or ipad before you. Furthermore, how many basketballs and rugby balls does one kid need?

Boys are relatively easy to buy for, head to Rebel and just buy loads of sports/outdoorsy stuff. Girls, not so easy. Once they turn 6, there’s not many options outside small animal toys with 50 thousand pieces or craft sets that are $30 for one use only and what do you actually DO with those Geleez things once they’re made?

I’m now at the point where I have a few gifts that make it under the tree every single year, board shorts and swimmers, a new cricket set, new drink bottles, summer pyjamas and a goat or two per child for those less fortunate. However, I am so lost for ideas this year that I am seriously contemplating giving them a new set of Clark’s school shoes. Acceptable? Hmm…I didn’t think so either.

After a trip to the Target Toy sale today where I purchased MORE Lego, a few Zelfs (they’re the new “Troll Doll” that we had as kids) and the standard pool 3 for $9 pool noodle stocking fillers (d’oh, did it again – they just sit in the sun and rot), I’m wondering, what are you buying for the kids this Christmas? I’m in need of inspiration!

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  1. I am having to sneak a read at this post in fear that my son will see the Lego set you featured and add it to his already 10 page wishlist. If we get anymore Legos we may begin drowning in them.

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