About Us

Chief Editor, Lara Thom began her career at News Limited working on The Daily Telegraph a gazillion years ago. She then moved to Legion Interactive, an promotional marketing agency which specialised in managing the voting for big scale reality programs Australian Idol and Big Brother. She then took three years out to have a few babies and started L’il Fraser Collection with her business partner, one of Australia’s leading baby and manchester brands. After time out with the kids, Lara returned to Legion as Managing DIrector and re-named the business Be.Interactive. After four years at the helm, the business was sold and Lara moved on to create her own media and brand think tank business, Conceive Productions, which owns and operates The Mum Network. Lara is 36 years old and the mother of five  children. Lara is married to a guy called Stu who is hard working and incredibly patient and above all, a top bloke and fab Dad. She works full time and has a plethora of smart women in her network of friends and colleagues who regularly contribute to The Mum Network site.

The Mum Network is for all men & women of all ages. It’s not just for Mums, the name is purely because most of the people writing for the site are Mums and they too have a network of people around them that they share with. Each of our Editors and Contributors are sharing every aspect of motherhood as well as their thoughts and feelings on life and the universe with our readers.

We want to bring you the best of the best and a few laughs along the way. Please feel free to contact us at any time and please remember that all comments will be moderated Any inappropriate, unfair or abusive comments will be removed from the site. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and therefore we ask all our readers to ensure they respect the opinion of others.

If you wish to submit a piece of advice or tips for other Mum’s as a contributor, please email us below with your piece, your contact details as well as a picture of yourself.



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